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Metal Retrofit Roofing Systems

Our high quality 5 step metal retrofit roofing system

Protect Your Investment from Potential Damage

If your building has rusted roof decks or leaky seams that are compromising its watertight integrity, contact Tier 1 Contracting to install a metal retrofit roofing system. A metal retrofit roofing system is the best long-term solution to keep your building protected against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, rust and corrosion.

Single-ply membrane that’s custom-designed to fit your metal roof.

Our metal retrofit solution is a single-ply membrane that’s custom-designed to fit your metal roof. It’s easily applied over your existing roof, and it will keep your inventory, equipment and workers safe and dry.

The metal retrofit system is the most energy-efficient roofing system on the market. It can save up to 40% on heating and cooling expenses, reflects 95% of UV rays, reduces noise for occupants, has no exposed fasteners and a metal retrofit system can be installed without disrupting your business. It’s resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds. The metal retrofit system also extends the life of rooftop AC units and is virtually maintenance-free. If the time has caught up with your metal roof and it is showing signs of age, consider a metal retrofit roofing system.

Step 1

The metal retrofit roofing system is applied over your existing metal deck. No tear-off is required. This covering will ensure a leak-proof seal.

Step 2

Insulation is custom cut and placed to fill the flutes

Step 3

Another layer of insulation is added to ensure a flat surface and increase R-value.

Step 4

The single-ply membrane is mechanically fastened to the deck over the insulation.

Step 5

Prefabricated flashings for stacks and other penetrations are heat welded on site to create a monolithic covering and ensure a leak-proof seal.

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