Why Should You Hire Residential Roofing to Prevent Mold Growth?

Why Should You Hire Residential Roofing to Prevent Mold Growth

Everybody knows that the roof is an important element of the house which protects us from natural disasters for decades. It is normal that roofs can be damaged due to various reasons and lead to leakage problems. If you do not repair the leakage problems on time, then you may notice mold on the ceiling. You should hire a residential roofing service immediately to repair the damage because this type of issue gets worse with time.

The Signs of Mold on the Ceiling

One of the main reasons behind mold growth in your ceiling is condensation. Keep in mind that it is very tough to drain unnecessary water from the attic. The damp environment higher the chance of mold growth in the ceiling. There are various signs of mold growth including:

  • Brown or gray ceiling discoloration
  • May smell musty odor near the area of the roof leakage
  • Mold grows in very limited areas and appears in patches.

Why Should You Contact Residential Roofing Service?

If you have mold in your ceiling for a longer period of time, then it also affects your physical and mental health in various ways such as fever, sore throat, depression, asthma attacks, experience trouble breathing, rashes or hives, chronic fatigue, Sinusitis, skin rash and migraines.

Another reason is that mold growth is not the actual problem. The underlying problem is water leakage and mold growth is the symptom. If you do not repair it on time, then you have to spend a lot of money in the near future. Keep in mind that leakage problems only get worse over time.

What Can You Do?

1. Inspect the Damage

You may notice mold in your ceiling but remember mold can grow anywhere in your houses like insulation, drywall and ceiling beams also. You should hire a residential roofing service to inspect the leakage problem and mold growth thoroughly.

2. Remove the Mold by Yourself

If the mold grows in a very small place, then, first of all, you have to fix the leakage problem by professionals. Then you have to apply fungicide on the area and scrape it off from the ceiling physically. Make sure that the area becomes dry and monitor it for a couple of weeks. If you notice mold again in that area, then repeat the process.

3. Hire a Professional

If you notice that mold returns to your ceiling often, then it would be better if you hire expert people for that. They will make sure that the mold cannot grow again on your ceiling.

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