Why Should You Consider Metal Roofing for Your Roof?

Why Should You Consider Metal Roofing for Your Roof

Metal roofing is made of large metal sheets and the elements are tin, zinc, steel, aluminium, copper, etc. metal roofing is covered by special coating for preventing excessive heat rust and reducing damage due to the presence of moisture. According to research, people of the United States buy metal roofing worth $3.3 billion for both residential and commercial properties in the current year. Here, see the reasons why you should consider metal roofing for your house.

Reduces Excessive Cost

When you will buy metal roofing, it costs almost $120 to $900 per square foot which is very costly compared to asphalt shingles ($70 to $160 per square foot). But metal roofs last for more than 60 years and asphalt roofs last for 10 to 20 years. You have to replace asphalt shingles many times but do not need to replace metal roofing. As it prevents any type of damage for a long period of time, therefore, you do not need to repair the roof often. If you imagine the big picture here, then you can realize that metal roofing can save the unnecessary extra cost and your precious time for a long period of time.

Metal Roofing Is Fire Resistant

If you install asphalt shingles in your roof, then it can be easily damaged by the storm. Asphalt shingles cannot prevent damage due to moisture and the ability of fire resistance is minimum. But if you install metal roofing, it can prevent damage due to excessive moisture and fire as well.

Metal Roofing Is Eco Friendly

You can recycle metal roofing easily and remember that most of the manufacturers use recycled material during production. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), metal roofing is the most environment-friendly roofing option available in the market.

Metal Roofing Is Energy Efficient

According to research, if you install metal roofing in your house, then it can reduce almost 40% energy cost in the summer season and 15% energy cost in the winter season.

The other advantages are,

  • You get benefits from homeowners insurance if you install metal roofing.
  • No need to remove the existing roof
  • It increases the home value.

If you want to buy metal roofing for your house or repair your existing roof and install metal roofing over the shingles, then you can contact Tier1 Contracting without any hesitation. They will guide you about what precautions or tips you should follow before installing metal roofing and they provide other various services according to your need in Arkansas (Kansas).