When Do You Need to Repair Shingles?

When Do You Need to Repair Shingles


The shingles are the asphalt coated material that are rectangular in shape and used for covering a wooden roof. It helps deflecting light and debris. This is also helpful for keeping out wind away along with all precipitation types. A strong roof is always considered as the first line of defense against any kind of weather elements more over it protects home from birds, pests and rodents. If you get missing shingles on the roof, this is a roofing concern. They have to be replaced as soon as possible. However, you should also replace damaged shingles of your residential roofing. A missing shingle keeps a hole over the roof and it has to be repaired fast.

Missing Shingles

Once shingles are missing you should contact professional contractors. After every storm and winter season make sure to do an inspection on the roof for shingles. You do not always need to walk on the roof but can call a professional team to do on behalf of you.

Curling Shingles

Missing shingles clearly say that your roof needs help. However, the shingles show some signs of distress before going missing. The curling shingles are such a sign that entails it needs to be repaired soon.


Typically, a roof when constructed with good quality materials can last up to 25 years. If your roofs are 20 years old or more you should call a professional team for exterior inspection.

Broken Shingle Pieces in Your Gutter

Check the gutter empties for shingle broken pieces. If there are fragmented shingles you need to inspect and shingles.

Check the Attic

If sunlight enters through the attic it is possible that moisture has compromised the wooden deck. You can also walk on the roof. If there is any bouncy texture your deck is weaker and you need professional help.

To replace the missing shingles of the residential roofing you need help of an expert team. Let your search end at Tier1 Contractors. See us when you find the first problem sign as it will diminish the chances of huge expenditure on roof repairing.