Tips to Go Perfect With Single-Ply Roofing System

Tips to Go Perfect with Single-Ply Roofing System

The magazine Roofing Contractor reported that in North America alone over the past five years more than five billion square feet of single-ply TPO roofing were sold. Today, single-ply roofing system, whether PVC or TPO, are still a popular choice for both building owners and contractors. Here are only a few tips:

Take the time for the surface of the roof

It is not surprising that individually placed roofing systems work perfect when placed on a clean surface. To remove debris and accumulated dirt, slice off any blisters present on existing roofs before you begin to install them and repair the cracks and holes with non-shrink grout. The building owner should strongly encourage the buying of an approved splitting sheet or roof insulation board. It’s a small cost that protects your investment for a long time.

See the instructions of the manufacturer

Different fabricators have various requirements for installation. Even if you use the same supplier for years, the processes and materials that are manufactured change overtime. This can range from the amount of superimposition needed for special precautions for working at extreme temperatures between different sections. Moreover, some producers specify that, depending on how long the membrane is exposed, the membrane is to be cleaned before soldering.

Repair or replacement of scorched membrane

Membrane sections, not containing a real weld which are overheated at the time of the welding process. Cut out burned areas and spread at least one inch across all sides of the damaged area. Then another membrane was sold over the hole and at least 3 centimeters overlapped. Weld as normal, allowing a weld width of 1 1/2 inches.

Weather adjustment

During cold weather, you can get a good installation as long as you take a few cautions. To prevent condensation, store the membrane in a warm, dry area. Before installation, thoroughly dry all surfaces. Also, remember that it takes more time to get the proper soil at high humidity or low temperatures.

One of the wonderful things regarding single ply roofing system is how you can learn the hard way from other contractors. Follow both these tips and your specific manufacturer’s instructions for the most successful installations. Tier1 Contracting in OKC has been serving the customers with single-ply roof installation for quite some time now. If you are looking for a credible roofing company to handover the task, contact us. We pledge to provide you with our extremely satisfying seamless service.