The Unforgettable Advantages of Single Ply Roofing

The Unforgettable Advantages of Single Ply Roofing


Due to their versatility, relative ease of installation, and low cost, single ply roofing membranes have increased in popularity over the last 30 years. When the American market became concerned about the environment and energy conservation, they became prominent. Single-ply roofing membranes are an excellent choice. This light-colored, reflective roof surface reduces energy consumption significantly.

Three to four basic components make up single ply roof systems:

  • Insulation – a layer of protection that keeps heat or cold in and heat or cold out.
  • Single- ply Membrane – normally made of rubber or plastic with an acrylic reflective coating
  • Flashings – to prevent water seepage around the edges.
  • Adhesive – used to adhere the layers together.

The following are some of the most important advantages:

  • Installation is simple and straightforward
    As a result of the stress-free installation, the time required to install the roofing is reduced, resulting in lower installation costs.
  • Outstanding temperature resistance

Despite the unpredictability of weather, single ply roofing is weather tolerant in all conditions. The rubber is waterproof and freeze-proof, as well as UV-resistant. As a result, there will be less deterioration and, as a result, less repairs.

  • Tough enough to withstand tears and punctures.
  • Affordably priced roofing materials
  • Since the material isn’t easily ripped or punctured, there’s less chance of storm damage.
  • Fleece-backed membrane for bonded applications; unbacked membrane for mechanical fixation
  • Provides a level and smooth surface for equipment including HVAC units.
  • The membranes contain no chlorides, fluorides, or plasticizers.
  • During installation, no carcinogenic fumes were present.
  • Light and dark grey options are available. single-ply roofing.

When considering Single Ply Roofing, there are a number of additional advantages to consider:

  • A single-ply flat roof membrane that has been removed can be recycled.
  • Green roof installations are simple to convert/adapt.
  • Resists UV ray damage, resulting in fewer repairs and less degradation.
  • May be used to cover existing roofs.
  • Years after installation, it can be restored and rewelded
  • Construction that is airtight
  • The opportunity to be lightweight
  • Root-proof without any additional safeguards (FLL Factor)
  • Thermal movement is absorbed.
  • Slip-resistant finish with a square-grid pattern
  • Allow for easy access for maintenance and repairs.

The reflective surface of single ply roofing systems will minimize overall heating and cooling costs, which is perhaps the most significant benefit. On a sunny 85-degree day, a white roof’s surface temperature rises just 4 degrees, whereas a black or dark colored roof’s temperature rises 42 degrees under the same conditions. Reflectivity will result in substantial energy savings over time! Please get in touch with us at Tier1 Contracting in OKC if you wish to go for single ply roofing.