The Overall Roof Inspection Process

The Overall Roof Inspection Process

The roof is an important element in our house and protects the house, office, commercial building and other features from natural phenomena. Therefore, the roof has to face many damages over the years. According to the specialists, you should hire a commercial roofing contractor to inspect your roof once per year to maintain the good quality of the roof and repair the damages if needed.

Here, we have shared the overall procedure of roofing inspection step by step.

The Process of Roof Inspection

The Paperwork

First, if you are a facility manager, then you have to prepare the roofing paperwork including a copy of warranties, collect the name and number of manufacturers, roofers, architects, roofing contractors. If you have any type of roof plan that can show the location of placed equipment, you must have that too. If you can prepare all the paperwork, then it will help you during the inspection process and make the procedure easy for you.

The Checklist

If you are a facility manager, then you will inspect the cracks and the water stains because the water comes from the leaking pipe and the crack foundation. You will have to concentrate on these problems. There is no way you can avoid the other underlying reasons. Therefore, you should check a few things before hiring a commercial roofing contractor. The following are:

  • Examine the roof closely, if there is any type of debris, plants or other things on the roof.
  • If you find any old equipment like HVAC, exhaust, vents, then remove these items immediately.
  • You should examine if the top layer of roofing material has held up well.
  • You should also check if the roofing material covers the whole surface or not.
  • Check the roofing material closely to see if there is any crack due to UV rays.
  • Make sure that the drainage system of your roof is working accurately. If you notice standing water, then there may be any problem.
  • If you notice that the membrane is drooping, then the previous worker installed flashing wrongly.
  • At last, examine the roof to see all the roof penetrations are sealed accurately.
  • If you still notice any missing elements or damages, then repair the area as soon as possible.

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