Metal Roofing Is the Best Roofing Choice – Explore Why

modern meta roof

If you’re looking for a new roof for your house, you can consider options other than asphalt. With increased demand in the residential sector and year-over-year industry growth, metal roofing is gaining in popularity. Metal roofs today deliver sleek looks and improved energy efficiency, with a range of choices to match the exterior style of your house. So, if you’re constructing a new home from the ground up or replacing an old one, metal roofing could be the way to go.

There are hundreds of different metal roofing combinations to choose from, including:

Panel Style

      1. Standing Seam
      2. Exposed Fastener
      3. Stamped Metal – Shake, Tiles, Shingles

Paint Type

      1. Color
      2. Finish


      1. Mechanical
      2. Snap-lock
      3. Tee
      4. Exposed Fastener Lap

Rib Roller (Between Seam Structure)

      1. Flat
      2. Ribbed
      3. Striated
      4. Corrugated

They’re resistant to impact and fire

Asphalt shingles are prone to flying off in high winds or being easily hit by hail. Asphalt can also develop mildew or mold as a result of moisture build-up, and it doesn’t give much in the way of fire protection unless it’s made of fiber glass. Metal roofing, on the other hand, can withstand a wide range of weather conditions and does not cause harmful moisture build-up. It’s also immune to flames. So, while a big hail storm could leave a few dents, you’ll be far more resistant to severe weather.

They’re safe for the environment

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable, and many metal roofing manufacturers use recycled materials in their products ranging from 25% to 95%.

They save a lot of energy.

Metal roofs are an excellent alternative for homeowners who want to reduce their energy consumption. When built with a four-inch strapping system and in a reflective, light color metal roofs give a 40 percent reduction in energy costs in the summer and a 15% reduction in energy costs in the winter, according to one report.

They increase the value of your house

When you know that metal roofing will raise the value of your home by anywhere from 1% to 6%, the upfront costs of installing it become much easier to justify. Homeowners can expect to get back an average of 85.9% of the expense of a metal roof, with those in the eastern parts of the country seeing a 95.5% return on average. That means you can enjoy the cost-effective advantages of metal roofing even if you don’t intend to remain in your home for the next 40 to 70 years.

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