Metal Retrofit Roofing and Recoating

Metal Reftrofit Roofing and Recoating

Due to the physical nature of metal and minimal maintenance expenses, metal roofing has the lowest cost during the roof life when judged against to other roofing system. Coated aluminum and steel panel systems can last for more than fifty years if properly planned, installed, and maintained. Exotic metals like zinc, copper, stainless steel, on the other hand, can persist for over a century. However, that metal will eventually reach the life end. When this time arrives, the owner must decide whether to refit, recoat, or rebuild the structure. When used correctly, each of these choices offers significant advantages. What is best? Metal retrofit roofing system or recoating the roof?

Recognizing the Real Problem and the Best Action Plan

Before deciding the action, the owners must first determine the root of the problem. The owners should know where the problem is. Here are such questions to think about:

  • Are there tiny escapes or is humidity invading the building from all sides?
  • Does the construction envelope have adequate insulation?
  • Do the old roof seem corroded or faded yet still performs well?
  • Has the roof been damaged by physical force, snow, wind, ice, or age and corrosion?
  • Has the building undergone any work that could have harmed the roof?
  • Do the owners wish to give their building a fresh look to improve its aesthetic appeal?

Retrofitting an Existing Metal Roof Has Many Advantages

A building owner can benefit from a metal roof makeover in a variety of ways. If a roof replacement is required, schools, manufacturing enterprises, to name a few, may face financial and operational consequences. Retrofitting decreases the labor cost by not having to remove the current panels.

An Existing Metal Roof Is Refurbished

A recoat of the existing metal roof may be the perfect answer when the present roof system still functions well and is structurally sound but shows little wear and tear at the seams, surface corroded, worn, or just needs to be updated. A fresh coating can give a facility a gorgeous new look for a fraction of the expense of a metal retrofit roofing system. However, before picking this alternative, be cognizant of the building’s surrounding conditions, which may have contributed to the problems in the first place. If the present roof is leaking as a result of bad detail designs, roof extensions, repainting the roof will not fix the problem. Furthermore, if the existing paint is fading, staining, rusting, or flaking as a result of chemical atmospheric conditions, or the paint is damaged as a result of physical abuse will almost certainly result in another early breakdown of the panel’s finish.

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