Managing Storm Damage By a Trustworthy Roofing Company

Managing Storm Damage by a Trustworthy Roofing Company


Most people living in Oklahoma all year round to enjoy the wonderful weather. Whether you want sunshine, tropical sunshine, warm weather, palm trees, living in Oklahoma is perfect. However, here, unfortunately, tropical storms, hurricanes, rainstorms, and hail are rapid and damaging. These storms can damage your home or business roofs that can eventually affect the interior.

Some information on how your roof might be influenced by the weather in OKC. Call a roofing company to get all repaired quickly.

High winds

Your roof may be damaged seriously by high winds. This is the damage caused to the roof by high winds:

  • Shingles that are missing
  • Leaks
  • Issues of Gutters

High winds can remove and tear shingles that expose the elements in the ceiling, the underside and the old shingles. Your roof is vulnerable to wind driven rain by breaking the seal connected with it to lift and curl shingles.

The roofs of shingles particularly strike at high winds. Although they are rated to resist 90 mi/h winds, winds that start at about 50 mph could cause damage to a roof.

High winds may blow the tree limbs and debris around which your roof and property may be damaged. Trees can also go down at home, to the roof, to the car, etc. Contact a local tree removal company if you need emergency service to remove a tree?


Hail may harm a roof by leaving shingles with pockets that release protective granules to protect them from rain and sunshine.

Checklist of storms

Here is a checklist for your roof and home if you have any problems:

  • Evaluate the storm damage on your roof. Just walk around and take notes and pictures of any damage. Odd shingles, torn, curved or missing shinglesare clear signs of damage.
  • Check rinks, accessories and windows for the roofing. Some items, like teeth in rinses and roof slots, may be hidden. Inspect crack window, torn screens and loose weather removal.
  • Inspect your home area. Check the broken clasp, fallen tree members and damage the exterior and lawn furniture. See for signs of hail damage on your patios and decks.
  • Look for leaks in your attic and on your ceilings and water spots. Even if your roof seems damaged from the outside, there may be leaks in the hall and wind. Check for signs of water on the ceilings and light fittings and closely inspect the attic with a light bulb.
  • Make sure the damage is reported to the insurance company of your homeowner.

Do not try to get on your roof because the structure of your roof might be weak and shingles slippery. Call a professional roof contractor to evaluate the damage if you suspect roof damage.

Spotting Wind Damage

Here are a few signs of the damage to your roof by the wind:

  • Leaks from the Roof: These may be the easiest to find, just because it shouldn’t be water coming into your home. See wet spots or water dripping off the ceiling in your attic or on the top floor. Make sure to immediately call an expert roofer!
  • Missing Shingles: You can pull your roof shingles off from strong wind, heavy rain or falling tree branches.
  • Curling Shingles: the shingles are most commonly found near the chimney, the edges, the corners, on the top of the roof, etc. If shingles are curled, water can no longer leak across the roof, even if they are harder to find than a shingle that is missing.


Ask us at Tier1 Contracting if you require repairing services. Our roofing company has industry experts who are trained and skilled to take care of your roof the best way.