Learn More about Retrofitting the Roof with Metal Roofing

Learn More about Retrofitting the Roof with Metal Roofing

Metal retrofit roofing systems are considered to be a more durable and cost-effective product than other types of roofing. When you are going to retrofit your roof with metal roofing, make sure your roof has been thoroughly inspected. A complete inspection will determine the condition of your roof such as perimeter construction, height, coping size, location of plumbing, electrical and HVAC system and other things.

When you are ready to work with your existing roof equipment, make sure you have chosen a definite option. There are basically two options – one is adding a new high-slope roof, and the other is raising the roof equipment to the new roof level.

There are certain things you have to consider before retrofit your roof with metal roofing:

Hire a Professional Engineer

The first necessary step is to hire a professional engineer who has years of experience and knowledge over roofing. He will inspect the roof and do what is necessary.

Take a Good Look of the Existing Roofing System

Analyzing the existing roof is an important step. Make sure you have analyzed the conditions of the rof well. You need to note down certain important things such as size and type of the existing joists.

Choose the Right Type

It’s important for you to choose the right retrofit type. Basically, there are four types that include through-fastened, functional standing-seam, structural architectural panel and nonstructural architectural panel.

Understand the Framing And Anchoring Systems

Framing and anchoring systems play an important role. It’s important for you to have some idea regarding the framing and anchoring systems of your roof. There is a primary and secondary structural grid in every roof apart from other types of support method. Retrofit framing is all about a structural grid that imposes a certain number of points into the existing roof. To ensure the existing roof’s structural stability, two grid systems should be matched.

Importance of Structural Engineer

There is no doubt that the new roof adds loads over the existing roof. You need to make sure the load is not exceeding the limit. Having a structural engineer is important during this phase. He knows how to handle it better when the load is excess.

Metal retrofit roofing systems are the most effective option when it comes to retrofitting. You can call a roofing expert for more information.

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