Learn about the Effects of Standing Water on Your Roof

Learn about the Effects of Standing Water on Your Roof

It’s found that most of the commercial roofs are flat. It’s because flat roofs have many advantages. Despite having certain advantages, flat roofs have problems too – standing water. Standing water is considered to be a critical problem in roofing. Standing water can cause a lot of damage to your commercial roof. If you are in Wichita, KS, find a commercial roofing contractor to help you.

What Is Standing Water?

Since flat roofs are not entirely flat, they have certain slopes to help water pass through the drainage. Standing water is referred to as small puddles that are found on your commercial roof. There are many causes of why your roof contains small puddles. But whatever are the causes, standing water is not a good sign for a commercial roof. It needs to be fixed.

Causes of Standing Water

  • Drainage issue is the main source of standing water. Once the drain of your roof is blocked, it will not pass water. As a result, the more it rains, the more it increases the level of water on your roof.
  • If there is no drainage issue, the problem might be even bigger. Improper pitch, insulation and low spots could be the sources of standing water. Call a professional roofer to help you fix the problem.

Effects of Standing Water on Your Roof

  • The weight of the pooling water is going to affect your roof. It will damage the underlying structure and on a rare occasion, it may lead to a collapse.
  • A large amount of pooling water will create more drainage issues.
  • Leakage is another important effect of standing water. If water sits on a particular area for a longer period of time, it starts to find a way to go inside. In this way, the upper layer of your roof may be damaged and may create potential leaks.
  • Standing water can damage your roofing materials and helps molds to grow faster.

What Are the Necessary Steps?

If you are able to address your commercial roof’s standing water problem, contact a professional roofer immediately. If you are in Wichita, KS, you will be able to find many commercial roofing companies. You can directly call them and book an early inspection. A professional roofer will come and inspect your roof before providing you a solution.

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