How To Improve Energy Efficiency Of a Roof?

How to Improve Energy Efficiency of a Roof

Increased energy expenses are unavoidable when weather extremes occur, whether in the summer or winter. A homeowner’s increased use of cooling and heating equipment simply translates to more dollars.

While there are numerous methods to save money on energy in your home, concentrating on more energy efficiency of a roof is frequently one of the most successful, as the roof is your home’s first line of protection against the weather.

Ways to Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

Attic Insulation That Is Adequate

Having proper insulation on your roof is a relatively inexpensive and simple approach to make it more energy efficient.

Poor attic insulation does not provide the insulation needed to protect a property from temperature extremes while also lowering energy expenditures. This is particularly true for old homes, which typically have less insulation than newer homes.

While adding additional insulation to an attic will help, it’s crucial to understand the proper amount and type of insulation to utilize.

Roof Coating That Is Cool

Adding a cooling substance to your roof is another way to improve its energy efficiency.

The darker roof is, the more heat it retains. To reduce heat absorption, a competent roofing company can add roof coating such as cool-roofing paint.

Aside from other benefits, such as increasing the life of your roof, coating the roof can lessen heat energy expenses and boost UV and waterproofing protection.

In addition to providing improved sun protection, replacing old shingles can help to extend the life of your roof. With so many cooling solutions available and each home requiring a unique solution, homeowners should hire a roofing contractor to evaluate their roof before deciding on the best roof-cooling plan.

Roofing Materials That Save Energy

While installing insulation and roof-cooling materials are both inexpensive and simple ways to increase the energy efficiency of your roof, roofing replacement may be the only viable option in some cases. When it comes to replacing your roof, energy efficiency should be a big consideration.

There are a variety of energy-saving roofing materials to choose from. Metal roofing, for example, is initially more expensive than shingle roofing, but it saves money on energy expenses throughout the roof’s lifetime. Contact a roofing company in OKC has experience with the material you’re using to ensure proper installation. See us at Tier 1 for any roofing need.