How Flat Roof Is Better Than Slopped Roof- 5 Reasons

How Flat Roof Is Better Than Slopped Roof- 5 Reasons


Whether you add an extension to your existing building or construct a whole new building, it is one of the most important decisions you will need to make to choose a roof. Two most common roofing types installed today are flat and sloped. Flat roofing’s diverse advantages make it more popular. This is why it is considered in the construction of majority of buildings by the roofing companies.

There are five reasons why certain buildings have a flat roof rather than a sloped roof:

Efficiency of Cost

Flat roof is without a doubt the best way to avoid unnecessary costs or to work on a tight budget. Because of its cost efficiency, many homeowners and business owners choose flat roofs. Sloped roofs need more man hours and more materials than flat roofs. It is expensive because of that.

Easy set-up.

Buildings are known to be completed way later than the stipulated time. Flat roofing is a wise option if you are interested in completing your project by the due date. As it requires less material and has a simpler design than a sloping roof, the flat ceiling is much faster built.

Prolonged Life

It is known that flat roofs are very long lasting. You can expect a lifetime of at least 20 years with quality materials – with regular maintenance much longer. There are roofers who can ensure that the flat roof can last for so long. Hanging roofs also have long life and can last as long as flat roofs. But most people prefer flat roofs, given the initial low prices and the short-term maintenance requirements. You do not have to worry about replacements or repairs being forked out with flat roofing. So most houses have a flat roof rather than a sloped roof.

Saving Space

Sloped roofs are built to allow room for an additional room or to simply add storage space inside the loft. But when working with a little space or trying to expand your current property, they aren’t ideal. Flat roofs are a better choice in these cases. The flat roof is space-saving thanks to its compact design. So, it is absolutely best for smaller constructions like sleeping accommodations, garages, porches, etc.

Not Heavier as Sloped Roof

It is no surprise that the additional slopped roofing material are much heavier than the flat roofing. You should bear in mind that, if you add an extension to the building, a pitched roof could place unnecessary burdens on your building foundations and cause your base to be too deeply drained into the ground. Flat roofing is better suited to weight, because it is not heavier than sloped roofing. As a result, most of the newly installed buildings have a flat roof rather than sloping roof.

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