Benefits of Hiring One for All Roofing Manufacturer

Benefits of Hiring One for All Roofing Manufacturer

A contractor’s favored status with a manufacturer, or numerous manufacturers, is common. These preferred levels are effectively certifications, indicating to others (through badges shown on contractors’ truck wraps, websites, and brochures) that they have specialized skill levels and training in handling such products.

Roofing products are also different from one place to the next. It isn’t consistent across North America, and this influences the manufacturers and products a roofing company chooses.

Roof system components are made up of more than just shingles in a manufacturer’s inventory. All of the major and small elements are available from the biggest companies, and they’re carefully developed to suit the tiles, shingles, or flat roof covering. Underlayments, starter strips, ridge and gap shingles, and ventilation pieces are all included.

Complete Roofing Systems are covered by longer warranties

When a contractor employs numerous components from the same manufacturer in a single project, they (and the property owner) are usually eligible for improved warranty terms. Sometimes the warranties support the shingle material guarantee as it promises total coverage covering any factory defect.

Additionally, contractor certification entails better warranties

Because installing a full roof system necessitates accuracy and precision, installation criteria must be reached in order to qualify for the best warranties.

Master Elite Certification, for example, is the highest level of certification available to GAF-certified contractors. GAF’s Master Elite contractors are dedicated to continued product and practice training with GAF. Installers who are GAF certified are licensed and insured. They have consistently high customer satisfaction scores, thanks in part to the substantial warranties they qualify for and pass on to property owners, such as GAF’s Golden Pledge. Generally there are two types of warranties – Preferred Protection System and Platinum Protection System. For their qualified contractors, other well-known manufacturers offer similar warranty levels.

Whenever possible, choose a single-source roofing system

Purchasing all roofing components from the same manufacturer or roofing company is the best option, depending on your project’s needs and budget. There is no better method to ensure that the roofing system will function to its full potential, owing to the manufacturer’s orchestration of the unified components. Strong warranties, trouble-free installs, and excellent color synchronization are all fantastic selling advantages for the property owner. Ask us at Tier 1 Contracting for more details.